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1500 STANDARD - carril de 1500mm , opción motor, tracking manual y wireless

1500 STANDARD  - carril de  1500mm , opción motor, tracking manual y wireless
1500 STANDARD  - carril de  1500mm , opción motor, tracking manual y wireless 1500 STANDARD  - carril de  1500mm , opción motor, tracking manual y wireless 1500 STANDARD  - carril de  1500mm , opción motor, tracking manual y wireless 1500 STANDARD  - carril de  1500mm , opción motor, tracking manual y wireless
Código de producto: HSK-5 1500 STANDARD
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Motion Controller
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Slide Kamera HSK-5 1500 STANDARD is a professional device that enables shooting while camera is riding. It is used with camcorders and cameras up to 20kg. Deliberately deisgned cart moves on a rail carrying the camera in front of the object that is being filmed. Perfect for professional and commercial applications. Silent, extremely accurate with incredible smoothness.

Set includes:

  • 1500mm rail
  • 3x AF-8 port
  • 2x AF-14 Standard Feet
  • Cart with a 3/8 " threaded hole and a standard level
  • AF-11 SL reduction 1/4 "- 3/8" mandrel
  • AF-12 SL reduction 3/8 " mandrel
  • Standstill brake
  • Hex key
  • User manual

The cart is equipped with a  3/8” threaded hole appropriate for screwing AF-12SL reduction 3/8” mandrel or alternatively AF-11SL 1/4" - 3/8" mandrel in order to mount a camera head, camcorder or a camera. There are eight M4 threaded holes on the plate of the cart to mount Slide Kamera AKC-3 adapter or any other Manfrotto adapter.

Depending on the model, the rail has mounting plates (AF-8) with 3/8" and 1/4"  threaded holes which allow to mount the Slide Kamera:

  • directly - on the tripod or camera head
  • indirectly - by using Slide Kamera AKC-3 adapter or any other Manfrotto adapter

Side feet
Adjustable folding feet allow to level the device. Rubber ends of feet provide stability of the Slide Kamera during filming from the ground.


  • Length: 1500mm
  • Weight: 7,6kg
  • Max load: 20kg
  • Quantity of AF-8 3/8" and 1/4" lower ports: 3
  • Type of side feet: AF-14 Standard
  • Standstill brake: included

The brake can be disassembled, and easily replaced with other Slide Kamera HSK series accessories, such as HKN-1 and HDN-2 drive.
When two mounting plates are applied, Slide Kamera can be mounted on two tripods, what considerably increases stability of the support.



A set of drive heads consists of two drive heads, one head per side of the slider. The heads are equipped
with power transmission elements and a toothed belt connecting the slider cart and the driving motor.
The drive heads do not shorten the working range of the cart.

First drive head is equipped with 1/4 " and 3/8" holes with hardened inserts for attaching accessories.

X MOTOR 40 driving motor consists of a worm gear and a housing equipped with a number of sockets:

  • RJ 45 socket (2 pcs) for communication between the controller and the motor, also for connecting SLIDELINK Wi-Fi Adapter with other drives
  • DC power socket (2 pcs) to connect power source
  • 2,5mm Trigger jack to connect the shutter release cable

Second drive head is used for mounting X MOTOR 40 (motor + drive unit) using a hinge clamp.

Single knob connection of the belt and the cart allows to easily disconnect the drive and move the cart


Supply voltage: 10..18V DC
Slider cart payload: Maximum payload for horizontal track: 4,5kg
Maximum payload for vertical track: 4kg
Power consumption:

Continuous horizontal track: max 1A @ 12V
Continuous vertical track with max. payload: 2,5A @ 12V

Operating time with battery 12V 7Ah 
(room temperature, horizontal track):

over 7h

Cart speed:

maximum 50mm/s - in VIDEO program
minimum 50mm/999h - in TIMELAPSE program

Operating temperature range: -10°C..70°C

Shutter release cable (one to choose):

WS-1, WS-2, WS-3, WS-4, WS-5, WS-6, WS-7, WS-8, WS-9

(shutter release cables used in ANIMATION, TIMELAPSE programs)
How to fit the shutter release cable

Dimensions: Width: 
Weight: 1kg


The SLIDELINK Wi-Fi Adapter enables the remote control of the devices of the Slidekamera™ system via the Slideye™PRO Application (available mainly for Android tablets) and Slidekamera™ drivers, equipped with Wi-Fi connection.

A single SLIDELINK Wi-Fi is sufficient for controlling the whole system, regardless of the number of devices. In order to increase the freedom of movement of the system it is possible to use a bigger number of adapters.

Wireless communication for Slideye PRO Application for Android tablets

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