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Basson Steady Endless 2 con ELECTRONIC HORIZON & PITCH

- It is perfect for cameras from 2 Lbs = 1kgs up to 16,5 Lbs = 7,5kgs.
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What's New with this new version ENDLESS2?
The camera weight capacity now it's the same for both the pitch and horizontal motors up to 7,5kgs. 
The pitch motor can be locked or activated depending on the length of your camera. With this new version now If you activate the pitch motor the maximum camera weight capacity it's the same 7,5kgs.
Now supports bigger cameras, the maximum recommended camera sizes are, 45cm length, 20cms height and 18cm width, and if you turn off the pitch motor you can use cameras, up to 48cm length, 22cm height and 18cm width.

And if you are just using the steady without the rotary head, the range of weight supported is from 13 lbs = 6kgs up to 36 lbs = 16 kgs. The weight supported inside the rotary head is lower due that the rotary head already weights around 5 kgs = 12 Lbs, and due to the higher strength needed to hold it. 

Product Info

This NEW HYBRID 8 axis camera stabilizer it's a mix between physic-mechanic and electronic, best of both worlds, it comes with an electronic board controller that will help you hold the camera HORIZONTALLY STABLE all the time.
And you still have the power to control the rotation with your hand on the gimbal as always to point your camera wherever you want. 
With this version you can also lock the electronic pitch, depending on the shot, you may want to disconnect and lock the PITCH motor to control the PITCH and ROTATION manually with your hands as with any regular steady in order to let you point your camera wherever you want. This way you will let you tilt up and down up the camera up to 45 degrees without loosing the Electronic horizon stabilization.
The main difference between ENDLESS and INFINIA, is that ENDLESS also support 1 inch taller cameras, and will also be the only model compatible with future improvements like the electronic pitch as seen on the video, it will be sold in the future an upgrade kit to add the Electronic PITCH to the ENDLESS model. 
Both ENDLESS and INFINIA have the same max load capacity in weight inside the rotary head 7kgs, but if you remove the rotary head the ENDLESS steady max load capcity is 16kgs instead of the 14kgs max load capacity of the steady INFINIA. 

You can go from High mode to low mode in just 3 seconds.

It works with SILENT MOTORS, It's noiceless, so you can now use at live events and also use the sound of your camera microphone. 
It comes with dual battery power sources, it includes a 24v lead acid battery and a V-mount socket for 14,4v, batteries.
It's a ready to use stabilizer, as any other steady, and for the electronic rotary wheel you just need to press ON button to make it work. 
It also comes with a new generation of shock absorber arm, this new version works as an ISOLATE double shock absorber arm with 6 springs, top technology for camera stabilization and weight distribution.
This new arm at least DUPLICATE the time you can hold the steady on your body, it also increases the absorption and produce a noticeable reduced fatigue on your back as a result of the isolate effect of the arm. 
The new CENTER POST can hold two LCD MONITORS, to do that now it comes with a NEW GIMBAL MONITOR MOUNT, that allows you to have the monitor pointing directly to your face at a reduced distance regardless of the angle you are pointing the camera and regardless of the axis of the steady.
You can now shoot backwards while walking forward with your steady without compromising framing your shoot and also allows you to verify without any effort if the FOCUS IS CORRECT OR NOT. 
So there are NO MORE BLIND SPOTS. This new monitor mount comes with a 14.4volts power cable and also an HDMI cable, this new way to mount the LCD MONITOR comes with a male 1/4" screw to hold any LCD monitor, we recommend to use a small LCD monitor such as the 7" smallhd or the new 5" smallhd monitor.
The other option with this gimbal monitor mount, due that the new cameras comes with bluetooth, is to use your own small tablet such as an ipad mini, iphone or android smart phone to use it as a monitor just by adding any holder compatible with your device with a female 1/4" socket.

Packing List

Packing List 
1 Hybrid Rotary Wheel with electronic horizon
1 Telescopic Anamorphic post ready to mount 2 LCD monitors 
1 NEW ISOLATE double shock absorber arm with 6 springs and triple pulley system on each arm
1 Triple padded vest, with extended arm to reduce fatigue and swivel arm
1 Gimbal monitor mount.
2 Camera micrometric sliding plates with pivot head, the plate on top now its quick release
1 Socket for 14,4v V-mount batteries.
1 New bearing mounted low mass triaxial gimbal handle
1 Battery 24v Lead acid battery with charger 110/220 to 24v charger 
1 Lighted Lcd display to see battery level, 2 female lighter plugs 12v positive to center.
2 HDMI Wires already installed inside the post
1 Introductory Cd rom, with strat up demo video as well as a pdf manual
1 Docking bracket adapter to adapted to any focus stand capable to hold 50kgs = 100 lbs
1 Warranty card + set up guide

We provide LIFETIME SUPPORT direct from our factory to the hole world, by email or phone 365 days a year. 
Picture taken with V-mount battery, camera and Lcd monitors not included

Any 12v Lcd monitor.
Any Stand capable to support at least 55 kgs / 120 Lbs at a height of 4 feet /1.30mts.
Any V-MOUNT battery, and its charger.
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