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Ikan Flyweight Offset DSLR ELE-OFLY

- Lightweight and Easy to Break Down Comfortable Padded Shoulder
- Ribbed Non-Slip Rubber Handles
- Offset System with Vertical Adjustment
- Designed for DSLRs and Small to Mid-Size Camcorders
Código de producto: ELE-OFLY
Marca: IKAN
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 O-Fly Overview

The O-Fly Shoulder Rig from ikan utilizes a unique offset design, making it easy to shoot using your camera’s LCD display.  
With vertical adjustments available in 2 locations, it is easy to position your camera at eye level, which is especially crucial if you use an external viewfinder or loupe.
Like all of the Flyweight rigs from ikan, the O-Fly is adjustable, lightweight and durable, making it ideal for shots on the move.




Fully adjustable to your shooting needs, the offset element piece can be put in few different variations. It can be set to where the camera is perfectly eye level or below eye level. With the offset piece, you can also offset your camera to where the camera is right in front of you or in the complete opposite direction.


The base plate height can be adjusted to be higher or lower, giving you more latitude for shooting.


The grip handles can easily move more closer in or further away from the crossblocks, with a quick twist of the thumb screws and re-tighten, you can position the grip handles anyway you see fit.


Pro battery power solutions that are available can be accessorized with your rig by mounting it in to the back of the shoulder pad, also giving you some good counter weight to work with.

1-D-Ring Photo Screw
1-Light Weight Shoulder Mount Frame
1-Light Weight Shoulder Mount Pad
1-Weight Bag
1-Weight Clip
2-135mm Inserts
2-15mm Rod 6"
2-Molded Yellow Ikan Grips
3-15mm Rod 12"
Dimension: 27 x 9 x 7.5" Weight : 6 lbs
Shipping Weight: 8 lbs

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