Slide Kamera ATLAS MODULAR - Manual Slider 2 METROS

Slide Kamera  ATLAS MODULAR - Manual Slider 2 METROS
Slide Kamera  ATLAS MODULAR - Manual Slider 2 METROS Slide Kamera  ATLAS MODULAR - Manual Slider 2 METROS Slide Kamera  ATLAS MODULAR - Manual Slider 2 METROS Slide Kamera  ATLAS MODULAR - Manual Slider 2 METROS
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Esta Serie ATLAS MODULAR no tiene limite de longitud , puedes ir uniendo piezas de 0,8 - 1,2 - 2 y 3 m segun la configuracion que necesites 


The truss construction guarantees strength and rigidity of the set in all directions and allows to mount a standard 2m rails set on two tripods without any deflection.


ATLAS MODULAR SLIDER comes with 0.8m and 1.2m sections, but 2m and 3m sections are also available. The maximum recommended length is 12 meters.

The modular system is designed to be assembled and disassembled without any tools.

Each section is equipped with feet, that can be easily and quickly adjusted to any surface. You can perfectly level the set on the ground in no time.


When working in small spaces, or when you simply need a short track for your camera, you can use only one rail section mounted on one tripod.

Depending on the weight of your camera, you can use DUAL SUPPORT - additional accessory, that guarantees the rigidity of your setup.


The side brackets come with magnetic bumpers, that act as brakes when the cart approaches the end of the slider, prompting you about the incoming end of the working range. This allows you to focus on capturing the best image, instead of worrying about the remaining range of the slider.


  • 12 custom designed wheels for high stability
  • perfect motion at any angle: horizontal, vertical or upside down
  • a wide range of camera mounting options
    • 75/100/150mm bowl with adjustable distance pins
    • plate with 3/8" screw
  • 1/4" and 3/8" mounting ports
  • magnetic bumpers for smooth operation


ATLAS MODULAR case with hard foam and wheels


  • hard foram insert
  • wheels
  • holds rails (2pcs, 1.2m and 0.8m) with feet and side brackets, trolley, cables, tripod mounts, small accessories

Light case for 1.2m section 

  • lightweight
  • hard foram insert
  • wheels
  • custom design for 1.2m section with feet and brackets, trolley, main accessories


  • two aluminium rail sections: 0.8 m and 1.2 m
  • 2x brackets with magnetic bumpers
  • troley with damping and brake knobs
  • 75/100mm bowl with adjustable distance pins
  • V-Mount adapter with D-TAP cable

ATLAS MODUAL - MANUAL SLIDER - contents of the set


ATLAS MODULAR is a perfect base for customized motion systems. Easily adaptable construction and a variety of add-ons make it the most universal dolly on the market. You can adapt drives from other systems (e.g. self-locking X-MOTOR) or order custom lengths of the rails, hang it upside-down or mount it vertically. Possibilities are endless and we'll turn your idea into a reality. 

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Applictation: Perfect for smooth shots during camera movement. Suitable for heavy cameras.
Available rail length:

0,8m / 1,2m / 2m / 3m

Weight: 0,8m rail section: 6kg 
1,2m rail section: 8,5kg 
cart: 3kg
rails spacing: 160mm
Maximum width of side feet: 400mm
Side feet height adjustment range:


Safety payload: 40kg
Rail mounting holes:

0,8m rail section

  • three mounting ports with 3/8" holes
  • 6 M5 mounting holes to attach the adapter
  • 4 deepenings for M4 hex screws (Manfrotto spacing)

1,2m rail section

  • three mounting ports with 3/8" holes
  • 6 M5 mounting holes to attach the adapter
  • 4 deepenings for M4 hex screws (Manfrotto spacing)
Types of rail ports:
  • central port that allows to mount slider directly on a tripod
  • side ports that allow to mount slider directly on a tripod or to place slider on the ground
Cart mounting holes:
  • 3/8" threaded holes, amount: 2, located on the top
  • 1/4" threaded holes, amount: 6, located on both sides ofthe cart
  • eight M6 holes for mounting accessories on the front and back of cart
  • eight M6 mounting holes located on the inner side of wheel brackets.
Cart central port:
  • aluminium socket for leveling half ball: 75/100mm
  • flat adapter equipped with 1/4'' or 3/8'' thread and eight M4 threaded holes (Manfrotto standard) for attaching adapters with a mounting plate
Cart bubble level: 1pc on the slider cart
Rail bubble level: 1pc on the slider rail
Material: hard anodized aluminium, colour black





The ATLAS DRIVE is equipped with both IN and OUT control connectors, allowing the creation of a 3 axis Motion Control system, by using BULL HEAD - our heavy duty remote head. Silent movement and high precision of control (repeatability of programmed motion) are its main assets. It can be controlled remotely with the Slideye™ PRO Android tablet App using the SLIDELINK™ Wi-Fi Adapter or with model builders’ RC controllers.

The ATLAS DRIVE is designed to work horizontally with maximum speed 0,4m/sec.

The ATLAS STEPPER DRIVE is equipped with following sockets:

  • 2x RJ 45 - for communication between the controller and the motor, or for connecting the SLIDELINK Wi-Fi adapter to other drives (for example the BULL HEAD remote head)
  • 2x DC power connectors - for connecting power sources
  • 2,5mm jack Trigger - for connecting a remote shutter release cable

Slideye™ PRO Motion Control Application

ATLAS STEPPER DRIVE can be controlled by a physical controller or a mobile app, available for Android tablets. For correct operation of the app the SLIDELINK™ Wi-Fi Adapter is required.

Controlling Slidekamera® modular system is now more comfortable, powerfull and precise than ever. 


Key features of Slideye™PRO:

▸ Live Control with Precise Parallax
▸ Multi-axis Keyframes Editor
▸ Multi-axis Curves Editor
▸ Advanced Timelapse

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